I Suspect My Boyfriend Is Sleeping With My Junior Sister” – Should I Ask Him?

Am 29yrs old and my boyfriend is 31yrs old and i have a junior sister ,so i introduced my boyfriend to her and vice-versa. After 6 month of introducing my sister to my boyfriend, my boyfriend toasted my sister.

my sister told me that my boyfriend is toasting her, i told her that he’s just pulling her leg. After a month, i don’t heard anything from my sister again. So i called my boyfriend that my sister told me that u are disturbing her and he said am just playing with her.

1 month later, i traveled to Lagos  when i came back i collected my sister phone and go through her message, and i saw both of them sending themselves love messages. I was shocked i don’t know what to do again, i started crying immediately,my sister saw me and asked why am crying i said nothing, she told my boyfriend that am crying,my boyfriend called me and sat me down,he asked me why am crying i said nothing.

I Wanted to asked my boyfriend that if he’s dating my sister, Should i ask him?


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