Pls Advice

I am 20 years old girl.
I got attracted to my real
biological dad when i
was 15 years and i felt like
sleeping with him.
I don’t know what caused that coz he’s not too
much handsome. I tried to seduce him but as my
dad i found no possibility. One day we were alone at
home and i dressed in a mini skirt sat opposite him with ma legs open.
When he saw me he looked up the roof and i
saw his trouser moving up and down i was winning him! But unfortunately my mum arrived and my mission failed. Yesterday my Mum and my two brothers were not at home, they had a visit
somewhere. I cooked food and gave it to dad and i wore the shortest min-skirt ever. My dad looked at me uncontrollably. When we went to house, i had removed ma bra and i ran to his room claiming that am making his bed since mum was not there. He grabbed me in the waist and without resistance i fell on the bed.
We slept together till morning and we did it. And dad promised to keep taking me to lodges and we enjoy ourselves. Now when i saw my mum coming i felt guilty and i
don’t know what to add on.
advise me, •Should I keep on with my Dad or stop?Image

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