I Suspect My Boyfriend Is Sleeping With My Junior Sister” – Should I Ask Him?

Am 29yrs old and my boyfriend is 31yrs old and i have a junior sister ,so i introduced my boyfriend to her and vice-versa. After 6 month of introducing my sister to my boyfriend, my boyfriend toasted my sister.

my sister told me that my boyfriend is toasting her, i told her that he’s just pulling her leg. After a month, i don’t heard anything from my sister again. So i called my boyfriend that my sister told me that u are disturbing her and he said am just playing with her.

1 month later, i traveled to Lagos  when i came back i collected my sister phone and go through her message, and i saw both of them sending themselves love messages. I was shocked i don’t know what to do again, i started crying immediately,my sister saw me and asked why am crying i said nothing, she told my boyfriend that am crying,my boyfriend called me and sat me down,he asked me why am crying i said nothing.

I Wanted to asked my boyfriend that if he’s dating my sister, Should i ask him?


My Husband can’t cater formy needs.. pls what do I do??

A 24-year-old woman, Halimot Sano, has asked a Grade B Customary Court in Oshodi, Lagos, to dissolve her three-year-old marriage to her husband, Osokpor, over his refusal to pay her dowry.

Halimot, who accused her 27-year-old husband of laziness, said he failed in all aspects to cater for her needs the way a responsible man should do.

She told the court that her family members never supported her marriage to Osokpor but that she had no choice but to marry him because he impregnated her.

Halimot said,My parents do not like my husband at all, but I had to continue with the relationship because I was already pregnant for him.

Since we have been together in 2009, he has neither shown any serious passion to marry me nor gone to see my parents and pay the required dowry.

I was forced to move in with him in his elder brother’s one-room apartment when the pressure from my family was too much.

Halimot added that Osokpor beat her whenever she complained that he was not taking care of her and their daughter.

Osokpor, however, said he could not pay the dowry because of his present financial status, adding that he was still interested in the relationship.

Osokpor said, When she became pregnant for me, I had to drop out of school and I took to riding motorcycle for commercial purposes.

Sometimes in June 2011, my motorcycle was impounded by security operatives and since then I have been having financial problem.

My elder sister has promised to get me a new motorcycle and I think things will get better soonest.

But Halimot’s father, Isiaka Bello, told the court that he would not approve their marriage since Osokpor had not shown any regard for him and his family.

Bello’s emotion went high in court as he threatened to deal with Osokpor and his friend who was in court with him.

The Court President, Mrs. A.I. Olorunimbe, however, ordered Bello to write an undertaking that he would be held responsible should any harm befall Osokpor, his friend or the only child the union is blessed with.

Olorunimbe ordered all the parties to tread the path of peace and subsequently adjourned the case till May 2 for further hearing.

Pls Advice

I am 20 years old girl.
I got attracted to my real
biological dad when i
was 15 years and i felt like
sleeping with him.
I don’t know what caused that coz he’s not too
much handsome. I tried to seduce him but as my
dad i found no possibility. One day we were alone at
home and i dressed in a mini skirt sat opposite him with ma legs open.
When he saw me he looked up the roof and i
saw his trouser moving up and down i was winning him! But unfortunately my mum arrived and my mission failed. Yesterday my Mum and my two brothers were not at home, they had a visit
somewhere. I cooked food and gave it to dad and i wore the shortest min-skirt ever. My dad looked at me uncontrollably. When we went to house, i had removed ma bra and i ran to his room claiming that am making his bed since mum was not there. He grabbed me in the waist and without resistance i fell on the bed.
We slept together till morning and we did it. And dad promised to keep taking me to lodges and we enjoy ourselves. Now when i saw my mum coming i felt guilty and i
don’t know what to add on.
advise me, •Should I keep on with my Dad or stop?Image


Hi wisdominestimable.
Am dieing in silence for loving a lady that will not want to listen to me. My girlfriend is sleeping around in europe. I need your help. Even if i will not end up with her in marriage. i should be able to put her life back on track.
Pls, help me. For now she is back home to Nigeria. Pls, what can i do about it


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